Who We Are

Creating Health for All (Huddersfield and Brighouse) has been borne by a group of local volunteers from various backgrounds passionate about sparking new energy into empowering local people to take greater ownership of their own health.

  • Creating Health for All (CHFA) is a Community Interest Company (CIC): a social enterprise with a wish to use any profits and assets for the public good. We are underpinned by Government authority and are regulated.
  • We are different from a charity as our funding generally isn’t wholly reliant on donations and fundraising. Instead we survive on a mix of income from various awarded grants.
  • Our members include medical practitioners, holistic therapists and members of the public. The volunteers of CHFA give their time and skills free of charge to create a hub for signposting to events and other sources that the people of Huddersfield and Brighouse can tap into.
  • CHFA works separately from, but alongside, the NHS. It’s not a substitute for clinical intervention, nor a prescription service, but rather a complementary signposting service of a range of options and services that will evolve over time in tune with local demand and community collaboration.

Prevent Rather than Treat
COVID 19 and an ever- increasing pressure on the NHS has acted as the springboard to a growing awareness that we need to take greater personal responsibility for own health rather than out-sourcing it for convenience. By learning how our own bodies work and respond, and how simple adjustments, from what foods we eat and natural treatments we can access, through to how we manage our lives, we can create optimum immune systems that help ward off ill-health.

We live fast paced lives and have come to expect quick remedies to any ailment we are dealing with, without necessarily thinking through how we arrived at our problem, or how we could have perhaps avoided it in the first place.


Today’s world sees the Government wanting us to access our chemists more and our G.P.s less, underlining that the NHS has evolved to a point where it cannot sustain itself for all things to all people. How many times have you seen a G.P. without trying a simple remedy beforehand?

CHFA is dedicated to helping empower you to make healthy choices – putting you in control of your everyday health by:

  • helping you to understand how your body works and how simple adjustments to the food you eat, your lifestyle and your state of mind can create optimum immune systems and better health;
  • hosting wellbeing events, workshops and support groups;
  • sign-posting you to alternative therapies and treatments, other associated national organisations and events.